Driving in Wet Weather

October 4th, 2011

by: Rick Benson


April showers bring pretty flowers and dented fenders. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, nearly one million vehicle accidents a year occur in wet weather.

Many of these rainy-day wrecks are caused by motorists failing to appreciate the vast difference between driving in wet and dry conditions, says Peter Cunningham, a championship winning race car driver who tours the U.S. for Bridgestone Firestone, teaching driving skills and discussing the importance of proper tires. "To drive safely on wet pavement, you have to recognize the demands that you, your vehicle and your tires face," Cunningham says. "It's very different than driving on dry pavement, but many motorists fail to change techniques and attention. That's when many wet weather accidents occur." Cunningham's wet weather driving tips include:

  • Slow down. As your speed decreases, the ...[more]
Posted in: Tire 101


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